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Maybe you're working on a new construction project, but you don't have your crane in place. There's no need to panic-Hite Companies can get your heaviest equipment wherever you need it to go. We offer equipment hauling services in Alburnett, Hiawatha, Cedar Rapids, IA and throughout the great state of Iowa.

Our heavy equipment transportation service covers all kinds of hardware, from lifts and loaders to drill rigs and excavators. You can rest assured that we'll transport your equipment to your specified location carefully so you can focus on managing your project.

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The benefits of professional hauling

The benefits of professional hauling

You might be tempted to try moving your equipment yourself. But a dedicated heavy equipment transportation service will make sure the job is smooth and easy. Consider partnering with Hite Companies because...

  • Our skilled team can move your equipment carefully to prevent damage
  • We'll deliver your equipment on schedule to avoid causing delays
  • We can haul all kinds of equipment, so you can transport every machine you need

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One Size does not Fit All

At Hite Companies, we know you need the right equipment for every job. That's why we offer three different sized lowboy trailers to move your valuable heavy equipment:





  • 20-ton
  • 35-ton
  • 55-ton

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